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RigOnline | Farm Performance Monitoring – Farm Usability Software Updated


– from the farm every 2 minutes there is an address to the site with the transmission of parameters
– on the site, every minute the kroon checks the last time the farm was connected and if the difference is more than 5 minutes, it sends a notification about the stop of the farm.
– also from the farm at the first launch of the application – information about the farm restart is sent once


– E-mail
– Vkontakte
– Telegram (bot in Telegram)
– Push notifications


– The farm is up and running
– The farm is stopped
– Farm reloaded
– Launching the miner/pattern
– Video maps of the farm went out of temperature.
– Video maps of the farm have returned to temperature limits
– Video cards fell off the farm.
– All the video cards on the farm have been restored
– Card Frequency Violation
– Recovering Map Frequencies


– install the archive from here: RigOnline.rar
– unpack the archive to disk
– start the START.exe file (this is where the shortcut should be added to the autoload)

The application has developed auto-update functionality
When new versions of the application are released, the application will update itself

In your personal cabinet you can generate links to access statistics without authorization


– added display of farm start/stop/reboot statistics for the last days
– in your personal cabinet (in your profile settings) you can specify how many days to display these statistics on farm cards. It is also possible to remove these statistics from the cards at all.




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