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Starting December 12th, 2019 people in Brazil and Argentina can buy and sell cryptocurrencies with its respective local fiat currencies through the Binance Fiat Gateway; Binance reveals plans and the new gateway during the LaBitconf in Uruguay.

Latin America (LaBitConf 2019)–December 12th, 2019–Binance, the leading global cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume and users, today announced the launch of its fiat gateway for Latin America. The new platform, Latamex, under the Binance Fiat Gateway will enable direct fiat purchases of cryptocurrency for Latin American users on in partnership with Settle Network, the largest digital assets settlement network in Latin America.

The new platform for Latin America will initially launch in Argentina and Brazil for direct purchases of cryptocurrencies, including BTC, BNB, ETH, and stablecoins such as BUSD, with the Argentine Peso (ARS) and Brazilian Real (BRL) through the Binance Fiat Gateway channel.





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