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DogeAds.TOP Update March 10, 2019
Share your Payment Proof and you get paid:
==> Share the payment in NBR ( – Doge Reward: 30 Doge;
==> Share the payment in BeerMoneyForum – Doge Reward: 20 Doge;
==> Share the payment in Foro PTC – Doge Reward: 20 Doge;
Note: For NBR, BeerMoneyforum and Foro ptc you need to send just the usernames from this forums.
==> Make a Youtube Video When withdraw the money – Doge Reward: 50-200 Doge (Limited one time/week);
Note: For Video Proof,you need to be visible your referral link in video, you need to send the link of video.
==> NEW TASKS Coming Soon.
Thank you.




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